How I Lost – And Found – Myself In Motherhood

Wake up. Make breakfast. Play. Clean up. Make lunch. Wash dishes. Do laundry. Cook dinner. Put the kids to bed. Crash from exhaustion. Repeat. This is what my to-do list typically consists of. And that’s just on the days when I don’t have to work. Sometimes I’m so busy taking care of my children I don’t know where my day…

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Mental Health

Why I’m Not Ashamed Of Taking Medication For My Anxiety

How often have you taken aspirin for a headache? What about cough syrup to ease the crappy way you feel when you have cold? Chances are that anytime you’ve done so, nobody has given it a second thought. You haven’t hidden your Theraflu at the checkout lane. And you have whispered that you’re taking Nyquil. People rarely judge others for…

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Mental Health, Parenting

Surviving Mother’s Day With A Toxic Mother-Child Relationship

It’s almost Mother’s Day. You can tell by the jewelry commercials on TV, the flower, candy and card displays in every store, and the print ads in your mailbox. For me, Mother’s Day means getting cards and drawings from my kids – and inevitably having to purge art from years past to make room. And while Mother’s Day is a…

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Lifestyle, Mental Health

The Important Lesson I Learned From Failure

I’ve had my fair share of disappointment in my lifetime. Lost jobs. Crappy relationships. Missed Opportunities. I graduated high school in 2005. Two kids and one husband later, I’m still working on my bachelor’s degree and trying to figure out what I ultimately want to do with my life. This week I noticed multiple people lamenting about where they are…

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