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Why We Need to Talk Openly About Mental Illness

It’s been nearly two months since I wrote a blog post revealing my lifelong battle with anxiety. I had just been officially diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder and had started taking Zoloft to treat it. Every post I’ve written about struggling with mental illness since that one has been well received. People have disclosed their own struggles to me and…

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Busy Life? Here Are Five 10-Minute Self Care Tips.

If your schedule looks anything like mine then you don’t have a lot of downtime. In fact, I only have time to write this post because I’m in between classes. When life is super busy, we can forget to take care of ourselves. And that can leave you not only exhausted, but mentally drained, as well – making it even…

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10 Blogs By Women You Should Be Reading

1. The Everygirl This lifestyle blog is run by a team of women who cover everything from career and finance to fashion and beauty. They also have some pretty cute merchandise, including coffee mugs and tumblers (I love a cute mug). 2. Awesomely Luvvie If you consider yourself a professional in the art of side eye and shade, then this…

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