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Are You Speaking Life Into Your Kids?

Being a parent is exhausting. It often takes all that we have to care far everyone else, leaving us with scraps for ourselves. And being low on energy may leave us short on patience and full of frustration. I usually find myself reprimanding my kids for the things they are doing wrong. But I often forget to remind them of…

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Got The Winter Blues? Try These Pick Me Ups.

Unless you – like my daughters – long for snow, Michigan winters can be draining. Months of freezing temperatures and cloudy skies can put even the happiest person in a crappy mood. This week, that person in a bad mood has been me. While this winter hasn’t been as bad as winters past (knock on wood), I’m craving some consistent…

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Got Mom Guilt? Don’t.

  My 4-year-old is super clingy when I get home in the evening. She follows me everywhere, including the bathroom. And when I’m on the couch she’s stuck to me like glue, making me watch The Finger Family or Surprise Eggs or these strange videos with adults acting out the voices of barbies and crap (if you understand any of…

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