Being An Adult Is Hard. Reward Yourself.

Being an adult is no easy task. I mean, you have to feed and bathe yourself. Go to work. Make your own doctor and dentist appointments. File your own taxes. Add a significant other, or a kid or two – or more- and it’s even harder trying to keep other people fed, clothed, bathed, healthy and happy.

If you find that you’ve successfully accomplished these tasks, you deserve a reward. So here are 5 ways to reward yourself at the end of the day for holding it all together:

1. Grand Traverse Select Sweet Traverse Red


This sweet-style red wine is made by the Chateau Grand Traverse winery in Traverse City, Michigan. It’s light, not too sweet and is delicious chilled.

Pairs well with: Having a kid who refuses to eat their dinner; forces herself to cry until she chokes; and then when all else fails, knocks her cup of water to the floor in one last effort to escape the table.


2. Grand Traverse Select Sweet Harvest Riesling


Another one of my personal favorites, this sweet white wine is also from the Chateau Grand Traverse Winery. It has light flavors of apricot, melon and honey.

Pairs well with: Having a kid wake you up two minutes before your alarm goes off for work on a Monday morning to tell you that they “peed a little,” cleaning up the same messes repeatedly or impending loss of sanity.


3. Protea Chenin Blanc


This South African wine shows aromas of fresh, crisp fruit, with hints of pear, citrus and honeysuckle. I’ve only had one bottle of this wine and found it somewhat tart, but not dry.

Pairs well with: Parents of two or more children who find themselves settling arguments over things like dollar store slinky’s, the sole functional Samsung charger in the house, or who can or can’t drive (although neither of the children can drive, so why is that even an argument?)


4. Barefoot Moscato


This wine is a bit sweet, yet bright and crisp. It has fruity aromas and hints of citrus with peach and ripe apricots.

Pairs well with: Grocery store tantrums, arguments with preschoolers over pants, and long, stressful weeks when you’re in between paychecks and need something cheap but effective.


5. Patron Tequila


This premium tequila is…well…I can’t really say much for the taste. But once you start drinking, I doubt you’ll care.

Pairs well with: Days when you’ve held back a lot of profanity. Should preferably be saved for nights when your kids are away and you don’t have to work in the morning because you might wake up hungover. But hey, sometimes it is what it is.

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