Can vision boards really help you meet your goals?

Whenever I go to Target I pick stuff up for my home office. Things like notebooks, pictures and cute things for my desk. I picture exactly where I want each item to go and the color scheme I want to stick to.

The only thing is…I don’t have a home office. But I plan to one day. Right now my “office” is a desk in my living room, although I most often work on my couch. (I’m currently writing the blog post on my couch while watching Property Brothers) But having this bin of odds and ends motivates me to work hard to have a space to put it all in.


I believe in the power of writing and speaking your goals into fruition. When I went back to school to get my associate’s degree (after two kids and a long break) it was hard. I felt like quitting more than a few times. But for over a year I kept a folded up graduation application in my wallet to remind me that one day I’d get to turn it in and get my degree.

And I’m not the only one plainly laying out my goals to make them happen. A few days ago I was scrolling on Instagram and saw a post from actress Yvonne Orji. She plays Issa’s best friend Molly on the HBO series, “Insecure.”

She posted a picture of the March 2007 Hollywood issue of Essence where she glued her own photo onto the cover. To the right of it there was a photo of herself as one of the “Leaders of the New School” from the March 2017 Hollywood issue of Essence magazine. And while she isn’t on the cover, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time.


Another method for attracting the things you want is by creating a vision board. They’ve gained popularity over the past decade. Maybe you or someone you know have made one. It’s a collection of images that help you clarify, concentrate and focus on specific goals. Maybe your goal is to buy a house, or finish school or start a business. Or maybe you want to be healthier or feel happier.

The idea is that a vision board utilizes the Law of Attraction and the power of visualization. According to The Huffington Post:

“Creating a sacred space that displays what you want actually does bring it to life. What we focus on expands. When you create a vision board and place it in a space where you see it often, you essentially end up doing short visualization exercises throughout the day.”


Credit: Rocky Mountain High / Flickr

You can make a physical vision board and actually cut images out and attach them to a poster board or pin board. But the advantage to all the technology we have now is that you can even do it digitally. I found a post you can check out here about creating a digital vision board in 5 simple steps.

There are tons of vision board apps for both iPhone and Android, but my app of choice is Pinterest. You can create as many “boards” as you want to match your different goals and easily search for images right in the app.


A screenshot of one of my Pinterest vision boards.

However you decide to do it, I believe that visualizing your goals is a great motivator.

What do you think about vision boards and “seeing” your goals into fruition?

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