Tips to Brighten Your Home and Improve Your Mood

As an introvert and someone with anxiety, my home is my safe space. And the condition of that space can affect the way I feel – for better or worse. When you have a family and are on a budget it’s important to find inexpensive ways to make the place you’re in feel like home. Try these cheap and easy tips to brighten your home and improve your mood.

Fresh Flowers

Okay, let me start by disclosing that I am a serial flower killer. But for the short time that my flowers are alive I love them. Fresh flowers seem to brighten and bring life to every room you put them in. And if you live somewhere like Michigan, where winters are long, cold and gray, you need all the natural beauty you can get. And vases of different shapes, sizes and colors can be a great addition.



Accessorizing walls, tables and shelves is a great way to bring color and personality into a space. If you’re decorating a storage space like a book shelf, try mixing up things of different shapes, sizes and varying heights to make things interesting. A great place for cute finds is Target’s Dollar Spot. The shelves, typically in front of the store, have great accessories you can mix and match ranging from $1 to $5, like these prints, candles, and jars.


Splashes of Color

Different paint colors give a room an entirely different look. Looking for something neutral? Go with earthy browns or grays. Want to be more bold? My living room currently has a rich red accent wall. But my favorite rooms are my dining room and kitchen, which are bright yellow. It puts me in a good mood while I’m doing the tasks I like least – cooking and washing dishes. And since I don’t have a window in my kitchen, it’s a way to bring in the sunshine.


Bright Bedding

Your bedroom is supposed to be your sanctuary. It’s where you every long day and rest up for the next. There’s no feeling like laying on a fresh set of sheets, but the color can make all the difference. While dark sheets can make a room feel smaller, a bright comforter set (like this one from Target) can make a small room seem a little bit bigger. Want to change up the look from time to time without breaking the bank on new bedding? Grab some new throw pillows or covers for the ones you already have.



What people choose to display on their walls says a lot about who they are. I feel like nothing customizes a space like the artwork you choose. It may be something you go out and buy. Or, if you are like my husband and I, you DIY it and display work of your own – whether it’s painting or photography. Don’t consider yourself an artist? Make a date to go to one of those instructional painting classes, like Painting with a Twist. Most even let you bring drinks, and with enough alcohol anyone can feel like Vincent van Gogh.


What tips do you have for brightening your home?

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