5 Ways To Spring Clean Your Life

We’re finally clawing our way out of winter here in Michigan. The snow is over (we hope), flowers are blooming and we might be able to put away our winter clothes soon.

Here are five ways to spring clean not only your home, but your life, as you welcome warmer weather.

1.  Check in with your goals

Do you dread going to work each day? Have you been thinking of going back to school but you keep putting it off? Are you happy with where you are in life or just comfortable? Now is a good time to evaluate your personal and professional goals. Write down lists of short and long-term goals you have and set serious – but attainable – timelines for when you want to complete them.

2. Declutter your relationships

The relationships we have, whether it’s a friend or romantic partner, can either help or hinder us. Do your friends encourage you or do they seem to be rooting for your downfall? As we grow older it’s normal to grow apart from people we were once close to. And if someone who used to be a good friend has turned toxic, it may be time to let them go. The same goes for romantic relationships. It’s better to let go of a relationship that is not adding value to your life than to hang on to it for fear of change.

3. Clean up your home

What percentage of the clothes or shoes in your closet have you actually worn in the last year? Be honest. Clothes that are just taking up space in your home could be put to use by someone who needs them. You can give them to a thrift store, consider selling them or even call around and see if there are shelters that will accept them. And hey, the plus side is that once you get rid of old clothes you have room for new ones. Spring is also a good time to get rid of things in your attic or basement that no longer serve any purpose.

4. Get Physical

You don’t want to neglect your body while you’re getting your life in shape. Try walking or taking a group fitness class at your local gym or recreation center. Also, schedule any doctor or dentist appointments you’re due for. Every part of our body works together to keep us moving, so start your spring on a healthy foot.

5. Get organized

What does your schedule look like? Do you feel like you’ve wasted the entire day when you lay down at night? Get a planner or commit to using one you already have. Organizing your work space at home or at the office will allow you to think clearer and work more effectively. It might also be time to clean out those 2,000 emails waiting in your inbox or those notifications on your phone screen.

How do you plan to organize your life as we head into spring? Let us know in the comments.

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