Finding Innocence In The Face Of Tragedy

I woke up yesterday to news of the tragedy in Las Vegas.

It made me wish I could pull my blanket over my head and go back to sleep until the world gets better.

Unfortunately, hiding from life isn’t an option. So, I got up and got my kids ready for school.

My innocent kids. The little humans who peacefully slept the night away. Who didn’t wake up to phones alerting them to the tragedy that took place 2,000 miles away.

While they were sleeping. While they were dreaming. While they were resting their brains and bodies for school the next morning.

I often wish I could wrap my kids up in a cocoon. To shield their hearts and minds from how hateful and evil other humans can be.

I wish they could always see all the good the world has to offer. To believe people are fair, and kind, and loving.

But this is not the reality of the world. Nor is it realistic for me to hope I can always keep their eyes, ears, and hearts covered.

One day they’ll watch the news and see masses of people killed for no reason. One day they’ll encounter people who hate them for no other reason than because they are who they are.

This morning I woke up with an anxious heart. Anxious because pain and tragedy are a part of like. And it’s something I never want them to experience.

But it’s inevitable. So, I’ll shield them for as long as I can. I’ll prepare them the best that I can.

And when they experience the worst that the world has to offer, I’ll be there. Always.


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