Learning To Live In The Moments Of Motherhood

A few days ago my daughter lost her first tooth.

Her first tooth?!

I feel like it hasn’t even been long since the day I met her for the first time. Barely making it to the hospital in time. And feeling ALL the pain of childbirth since I didn’t have time to get any pain medication.

You know what’s funny?

The individual days of motherhood feel so long. There are days when I wake up with a schedule so packed that I wish I could fast forward to bedtime.

But then you look up and realize that your kid has lost their first tooth or started high school or went off to college…and it hits you that those long days of motherhood were not as long as you thought.

I’m still getting used to the fact that my youngest started Kindergarten and my oldest has one year left until middle school. Time is definitely not slowing down.

Isn’t it crazy how when we bring these small, wrinkled, crying humans into the world they need us for everything? Their world revolves around our touch, our smell, our kisses, looking in our eyes.

And then they need us less, might get embarrassed when we try to give those same kisses in front of their friends, and one day they don’t need our constant attention and protection.

These are things I try to remember every time I wish I could just get a little space from my clingy 5-year-old. Or on those nights when I’m exhausted and my kids want to have a movie night.

I try my hardest to remember that one day my daughter won’t sneak into my room to sleep with me for the last hour before we get up for work and school. Or that one day my oldest won’t need my hugs when she’s not feeling well.

I try not to wake up with the single goal of smoothly getting back to bedtime.

Because these days of motherhood are just so short.

And I want to make the most of each one.

2 thoughts on “Learning To Live In The Moments Of Motherhood

  1. Susan Rice Simpson says:

    I don’t know why, but this moment TERRIFIES me. All of my daugthers friends are losing teeth, so I know it could potentially happen any moment. WHY IS IT SO SCARY


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