Finding Healing Through Sharing My Story

Last weekend I was booked to do two speaking engagements.

Finding Healing Through Sharing My Story

The Sisters’ Couch panel at Good Cakes and Bakes

On Friday I was a panelist for an event called “Let’s Talk About Black Women and Trauma” hosted by The Sisters’ Couch. It was an intimate and powerful conversation held at Good Cakes and Bakes in Detroit (which smelled amazing by the way).

The audience members asked great questions and were engaged. My fellow panelists were amazing, intelligent black women. The room was a safe space that facilitated people being able to open up about their pain.

Tears were shed. Breakthroughs were made. And it was overall a great evening.

On Saturday I attended the Blossoming Women Brunch hosted by my friend Larissa of She’s Blossoming. First of all, this amazing woman never ceases to amaze me with her events. Her décor is always beautiful, her guests, impactful. The brunch was held at Weber’s Inn in Ann Arbor. It was a gorgeous venue filled with flowers. A room fitting for women who are “planted not buried.”

Finding Healing Through Sharing My Story

The Blossoming Women Brunch at Weber’s Inn

I connected with other women with awesome vibes and calming auras. Entrepreneurs. Bloggers. Speakers. The panel was motivating and made me want to get up and immediately go take care of business.

I got to share the story of my own mental health journey during my mini-workshop. I loved getting the change to pour into and empower other women, to let them know they aren’t alone, to assure them that life offers hope after your darkest storms.

Speaking publicly about my struggles and victories can be really draining due to my anxiety. It often takes me days to replenish my energy after an engagement. But the way in which sharing my story is helping me and those who hear me speak heal is far more valuable.

Talking about my childhood trauma and lifelong mental health issues has allowed me to feel a sense of control over my life. Each time I tell my story I realize that where I’ve been and what I’ve been through doesn’t define me or where I’m going. Every time someone approaches me to tell me about their own difficulties or how I’ve inspired them, it lets me know that sharing my story is important.

That the work I’m doing is necessary.

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