Why Every Woman Needs A ‘Girl Tribe’

I’ve experienced, learned and gained so much since starting my blogging journey more than a year ago. But one thing that had stood out more than anything is the tribe of women forming around me that seems to be ever-growing.

I started this adventure pretty much alone. I didn’t personally know any other bloggers. So, many of my earliest days were spent on Instagram combing through hashtags like #detroitblogger and #michiganblogger – and staking (er…uh…following) anyone I could.

What started as a series of shots in the dark has turned into an incredible circle of women from different walks of like, different blogging and business niches, and different backgrounds.

Here are 5 reasons I think every woman needs her own ‘girl tribe’:

Motivation: When you are around women who are about their business, it’s nearly impossible not to be on yours. I love seeing members of my tribe on social media talking about new projects or ideas they have in the works. And every time I speak to them I come away feeling ready to get to work and conquer the world. The energy is contagious.

Accountability: Every time we meet up for a meal or at an event, it’s the norm to discuss what we’re working on or areas we’re struggling in. We try and help each other come up with solutions to problems like procrastination (okay, that’s mainly MY issue). And having creative people to bounce ideas off of makes a huge difference.

Comradery: These women are much more than fellow bloggers and bosses to me. Many of the relationships I’ve developed have grown into true friendships. Making new friends as an adult can be crazy hard. So, I feel lucky to have found so many amazing ones.

Community: While finding friends is hard, befriending other women seems to be even more challenging. This world is one which constantly bolsters competition – who’s prettier, smarter, richer, most liked? Any women who force you to feel like you’re constantly competing are NOT your tribe. It’s sharing each other’s work. Attending each other’s events. Building a supportive network creates an environment of love, growth, and one where you all want to see each other succeed.

Understanding: Like I said before, I pretty much started this blogging journey alone. I already had amazing friends in my tribe, but they may not have necessarily been able to understand the struggles of the task I was about to embark on. The friends I’ve made in the past year have rounded out my tribe and enhanced my life.

Basically, if you don’t have a tribe, you’re missing out BIG TIME. Sometimes just reaching out is the first step. But it will be well worth it.

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