Dear Life: Ease The F**k Up Already

Dear Life:

I’m writing you this letter in the hopes that you will please stop kicking my ass.

Every time things seem to be going smoothly, here you come with your bullshit. And quite frankly, I’m tired of it.

I know I haven’t been the perfect person. But who is? There are all kinds of terrible people in the world you can have your way with. I’d be happy to give you a few recommendations. Yet here you are, fu**ing with me.

Life, we don’t have to like each other. We don’t even have to get along. But can you please remove your weight off my shoulders and your foot off my neck? I can’t breathe.






Okay…now that I got that out the way…(deep exhale)…I’m tired ya’ll. That’s more than likely evident from the fact that my last blog post was published nearly TWO months ago. I hadn’t even realized it was that long ago until just now to be honest.

Honestly, the chaos of trying to balance work, school, motherhood, and relationships has been quite overwhelming. Most days I don’t know how I get from morning to bedtime…let alone do I have the energy to write a post.

The past nine months have tested every bit of sanity I used to have. Life after divorce, while far more peaceful in some ways, is much more stressful in others. There have been days where I feel like I can barely breathe but still have to do all of the things. I no longer have the option of passing the baton.

Honestly, I’ve contemplated just hanging up my blog for now. It takes effort to maintain and create consistent content. I also struggle with the fact that my “serious stuff” receives nowhere near the reception that things like my YouTube skits make. But I’m motivated to keep writing and to keep posting because I know how important my message has been to many people I’ve shared it with.

It might take me a while to get this thing back to where it was. But bear with me. I’m going to try to get back to posting more consistently. Get back to sharing my struggles (there are PLENTY) and my victories. Get back to creating a safe space for those dealing with mental health issues.

I’m still here ya’ll. And I’m going to do better.

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