Hello! I’m Paulette – a wife and mom of two little girls. I’m also a student and reporter at an NPR affiliate station in Michigan.

I know, you’re probably tired just reading that.

I’ve suffered with anxiety and depression for pretty much my entire life, but was only recently officially diagnosed. Mental illness was not something we talked about in my family, so it forced me to cope with it on my own for almost three decades.

Now that I have an official diagnosis I am on my way to healing and feeling a new normal. I started medication, which has saved my life. I also plan to start cognitive behavioral therapy – when I can fit it into my crazy schedule.

I initially started this blog as a way to pass time and to exercise my writing skills. But it has turned into a place where I can express my struggles and victories in my experience with anxiety. I have also learned how many people are dealing with the same thing and it has become important to me to make sure they don’t feel alone.

I hope my blog breaks down some of the stigma around mental illness. I am a high-functioning wife, mom, student, and journalist…who has mental battles daily. I especially hope it opens conversations in the black community. There’s also nothing wrong with seeing your doctor, speaking to a therapist or starting medication if that’s right for you.

Remember: It’s okay not to be okay and it’s okay to want to get better.

Thanks for reading! I hope we can help each other!