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A Year in Blogging: What I learned and what’s ahead

What an insane year it’s been. And with the craziness of the upcoming holidays over the next couple of weeks, this will most likely be my last blog post of 2017. Wow, that’s bittersweet. I started this blog in February of this year. At the time I was just looking for an outlet for my feelings. I was newly diagnosed…

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Fiction Friday: “A Life of Sundays”

The sun warmed her face as it shined through the white sheer curtains. A breeze blowing through the window shifted and folded the fabric, casting shadows onto the wall. She rolled over; her head coming to rest at the edge of the memory foam pillow. She lowered the white down comforter, tucking it at her bosom. She smiled and stared.…

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Why I’m perfectly fine with being imperfect

I’ve been missing from my blog for a while. It’s not that I haven’t had anything to say. It’s just that I haven’t had the time or energy to write it. Between life and family and work and school, my schedule has been eating me alive. I’m over-extended and overwhelmed. And one of the biggest mistakes I’ve been making is…

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I’m almost 30. Why don’t I have it all figured out?

Every year around this time, my social media feeds fill up with photos of kids headed to prom or graduation. I see the smiling faces of proud parents and young adults living in what are essentially their last moments of childhood. And every year I nostalgically think back to my own senior year of high school. Those kids remind me…

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Surviving Mother’s Day With A Toxic Mother-Child Relationship

It’s almost Mother’s Day. You can tell by the jewelry commercials on TV, the flower, candy and card displays in every store, and the print ads in your mailbox. For me, Mother’s Day means getting cards and drawings from my kids – and inevitably having to purge art from years past to make room. And while Mother’s Day is a…

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